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Operation7 Revolution back to PC?

Operation7 Revolution - Your opinion!  

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  1. 1. Should "Operation7 Revolution" be released for the PC platform?

    • YES, port the game from console to PC.
    • NO, please bring back the original Operation7 or a new remastered/remake edition for PC.

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Hello Soldiers, 
the end of "Operation7 Revolution" in 2019 shocked many players. On the other hand, it wasn't surprising that the game was not as successful as the original Operation7. Because it was met with much dislike by the community that Operation7 Revolution was only released for PlayStation 4 consoles, although the PC platform is the basis of Op7.

We would like to know what you think about it. Thank you! :classic_smile:


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Best regards,
OberOffizier | Op7 Community Moderator

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Hey. That would be cool if we could still play it. :classic_biggrin::classic_cool:

But I think for a relaunch of the game series on the PC platform, a remastered/remake edition of the original Operation7 would be the best choice. :classic_smile:

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