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  1. Pls writh me back

  2. Hey and welcome to Op7 Community Forum. This community is placed in the world of gaming and also takes care with topics related to hardware and software. Of course, discussions, social talks and everyday topics also have a place here. The legendary FPS game "Operation7" is the cornerstone of this community and is aiming to be a central place for all players over the world. Made by fans, for fans. We want to be a modern and open community forum. Innovation, independence, sureness and respect are particularly important to us. You can always feel free to ask, comment, discuss and in creating topics. ✅ Your advantages: Keep in touch with Operation7 players. Modern and open minded forum. An exciting reputation and ranking system with achievement badges for special actions. The opportunity to help shape our forum. A growing gaming community that is independent and respectful. No Ads. Thank you for being a part of this community and enjoy using this forum.
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